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HCM Coal Mill
HCM Coal Mill
HCM Coal Mill
HCM Coal Mill

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Coal mill is a mill equipment that professionally assists coal mine projects to increase production and increase efficiency.

What is coal mill? What's the working principle of coal mill? 

Which manufacturers produce coal mills? 

Coal mill, namely, is be used to grind coal mines, a flammable and explosive substance.

We need to choose the ideal grinding equipment. Vertical milling machine manufacturer Guilin HCM Machinery innovated and developed a new type environment friendly coal mill to avoid the disadvantages and achieve high efficiency and safety.

1. Advantage and Character of HCM Coal Mill

Coal mill is a mill equipment that professionally assists coal mine projects to increase production and increase efficiency. 

Guilin Hongcheng provided vertical mill equipment to help the pulverized coal project create value. Vertical mill is a powder mill that meets the requirements of energy-saving and emission reduction. It integrates crushing, grinding, grading, drying, and conveying. It has high operating efficiency, large powder output rate, and large production capacity. It covers many patents. 

Technology, and suitable for grinding high-humidity materials, difficult-grinding materials, easy-grinding materials, dry materials, etc., with strong adaptability to materials, focusing on the field of coal milling, cement, slag, non-metallic ore milling Mainstream mill.

Guilin HCM Machinery - HLM Verticle Roller Mill - Coal Grinding

Particle Size:22-180μm

Production Capacity:5-700t/h

Powder grinding field: for various non-metallic mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity within 6%, the mill is widely used in thermal power plant, metallurgy field, cement plant, chemical industry, rubber factory, paint plant, ink, food, medicine and other industries.

2. Working principle of Coal Grinding Mill

As a professional coal mill, what are the advantages of Guilin HCM coal mill? The pulverizer is combined with the production situation in coal mines. After technical innovation and improvement, anti-static treatment and explosion-proof devices are installed, and a new open pipeline system is adopted. It not only prevents the occurrence of coal powder spontaneous combustion, but also increase production capacity and reduce noise, produce efficiently and save energy.

The working principle of the coal mill mainly includes four stages: crushing, grinding, classifying and powder collecting. In the crushing procedure, the raw ore is crushed with a crusher, and the material enters the grinding roller table. Under the pressure of the grinding roller, it is continuously squeezed, ground, sheared, and crushed. The high-speed air flow at the wind ring blows the ground material From the beginning, the coarser material will be blown back to the grinding disc for re-grinding. 

At the same time, the suspended material can be dried. The fine powder will enter the classifier for classification, and the qualified powder will be collected by the collector to become the finished product.

Coal Grinding Mill, professional coal mills enjoy customer support and market favor. Guilin HCM coal mill has a scientific working principle, stable operation and reliable performance. It is an ideal professional grinding mill.

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