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Rear Glass with Hardware & Plastic parts
Rear Glass with Hardware & Plastic parts

Rear Glass with Hardware & Plastic parts

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Rear Glass with Hardware & Plastic parts

Rear glass

After tempering, the windshield heats the glass to the vicinity of the softening point, and then quickly cools the treatment, so that a pre-compressive stress layer is generated on the surface of the glass, and a tensile stress is formed inside, thereby increasing the strength of the glass. By printing silver paste lines on the glass surface, after tempering, the effect of energizing and heating on the glass can be achieved. Such glass should be widely used in the rear of the car.

Product performance characteristics

● Security

After the toughened glass for automobiles is broken, the whole glass is broken into small particles with honeycomb-like obtuse angles, 

which will not cause harm to the human body and protect the personal safety of drivers and passengers.

● High mechanical strength

The impact strength is 3 ~ 10 times that of ordinary glass.

● Defrost and mist removal

After the heating wire is energized, the temperature of the glass surface can quickly reach between 40 ℃ and 75 ℃. 

In the cold winter, it can eliminate the frost and fog condensing on the glass surface.

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