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Preset flow meter with printer
Preset flow meter with printer
Preset flow meter with printer
Preset flow meter with printer

Preset flow meter with printer

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Preset flow meter with printer

M series meter is positive displacement meter for liquids. They are designed for liquid metering both in transfer and process control applications. Thanks to their design they are easy to keep and can suit a wide range of applications. The meter consists of a housing where two bladed displacement rotors and a central single blocking rotor turn in synchronized relationship within three cylindrical bores with no metal-to-metal contact within the meter element. Each rotor is supported on either end by a bearing plate through which the rotor shafts protrude.


The bladed displacement rotors, alternately move through the two half-cylinder bores of the meter element, while the single blocking rotor rotates within its bore in such a way as to produce a continuous capillary seal between the unmetered upstream product and the metered, downstream product.


At one end of each rotor shaft is a timing gear. The blocking rotor gear, having twice the number of teeth of each of the displacement rotor gears, rotates at half the RPM of the displacement rotors.

Flow rate:  

          M-40-1  1.5” 23L-230L/min

          M-50-1  2” 38L/min-380L/min

          M-80-1  3” 76L/min-760L/min

          M-100-1 4” 130L/min-1300L/min

          M-150-1 6” 230L/min-2300L/min

Max Pressure: 10Bar

Standard measure unit: Liter and US Gallon for option

Repeatability: 0.05%

Type of flange: ANSI, NPT, BSPF

Strainer mesh: 80Mesh for diesel, 40Mesh for gasoline.

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