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WeiChai Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.



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Robust power with large fluid hydrolic systm, and Electric control, positive flow control system make it suitable for the tough job in Mining

Isuzu engine made in Japan, with rated power of 212KW, which is special designed for mining applications. It meets emission standards of Stage III of China, US Tire3 final and also EU Stage IIIA.

Since the design phase, Lovol aims to create a consistent and upgraded system with the combined technology. The flow of the main pump and the action of the main valve spool are synchronized, which enable the response of positive flow system is perfect. The optimum working power is achieved with the fastest and smoothest actions.

Based on the optimized matching of engine, main pump and main valve, the handling is improved a lot. 

The function-relief Cushion valve system is adopted for the first time, which enables the reaction speed of machine will not decrease even through extreme cold weather,

While the **in optimal condition, it will never cause latency of start and mode exchange of machine, which make lovol in the top place of industry on flexibility, efficiency and fuel economy.

The optimal matching of the engine and the main pump makes fuel economy promoted by 10%;

· Continuously optimized piping layout ensures less internal energy loss.

The flexibility is improved based on the Adoption of hydraulic simulation technology, smooth piping design, and temperature low-sensitivity cushion valve,

· Lovol patent KPM main control valve core, with more precise micro-operation.

Adaptable to different operating apps under the temperature range of -40 °C ~ 50°C;

· Adaptable to the plateau condition at altitude of 3000m;

· Adaptable to high dust and harsh operating conditions;

· Adopt with hydraulic hammer, FR330 can meet the request of working on hard materials such as granite and etc;

· The ultimate climbing angle is 35°.

The constantly reinforce on working devices and structure make the product more solid and durable.

Various components in transmission system, such as diesel engines, gears, revolving drives, working pumps and hydraulic cylinders, are specially customized to achieve perfect matching between components;

· These components are compatible with each other in the overall system, ensuring maximum reliability and longer service life.

Machine test: CL-6 machine test ground occupies an area of more than 300 mu, consists of various of operating conditions such as earthwork, stonework, sand-gravel material; Different testing sites such as for bump vibration strengthening test, noise test, operating efficiency, fuel consumption, walking test and slope-climbing test; Every new product is subjected to a combination test of more than 2000 hours (including digging, crushing, bumping, climbing, and various performance tests).

· System test: CL-5 comprehensive performance test room and CL-4 pump valve, electrical, structural parts strengthening and vibration test bench are established to, carry out component performance and reliability test before development.

· Test standards: Based on the study on example and Japanese expert guidance, the evaluation standards and test database for performance test and reliability test of machines and system are completed, which supports product development verification and improves product performance and reliability.

The thermal treatment standard of the surface which is connected to the track is improved, which makes the parts more wear-resistant and the life is doubled;

· The track roller and idler adopt extremely cold type lubricating oil and seals to ensure normal operation under -40°C;

· Chain link track with lifelong self-lubricating and sealing abilities;

· Reinforced left and right track beams;

· Strong drive sprocket

Relying on the R&D Engineering Center in Japan, we have established a solid partnership with world renowned companies to continuously optimize and improve the quality and service life of our components. Meanwhile, engines, pumps, valves, motors, oil cylinders and controllers are provided in priority.

With continuously optimized design, stress testing, welding process and material research, the service lives of key structural parts are comprehensively improved; The Boom adopts box structure and high-strength steel plate, while with robot welding which extend service life by 100% in mining conditions.

he average service life of structural parts is increased by 50% and the strength is increased by 12%;

· The connection of boom adopts integrated casting;

·The shaft sleeve is copper-based graphite with self-lubricated;

· High-strength rock bucket teeth.

New type large-capacity rock bucket with high strength wear-resistant steel, the strength and wear resistance are increase by 40%.


Higher productivity and lower cost

Large power engine and excellent hydraulic system make the loading ability more outstanding, and the productivity increases by 15%.

While ensuring static digging force, we are committed to the R&D of dynamic digging force. When large resistance is encountered during the digging process, the system will automatically detect the pressure and adjust the output pressure to ensure the strong digging effect in the dynamic digging process.

In heavy duty working applications, the main controller automatically adjusts the power and speed according to the change of the load to ensure high output power, so as to improve the efficiency of machine

 Hydraulic system with latest technology make the working efficiency improved by 3% compared with the previous generation.

·Series of devices are suitable for various operating conditions;

· Designed to maximize productivity and durability, service life of structural parts increased by 50%;

· With large-capacity and wear-resistant bucket, make the operation in high-efficiency 

· A full range of maintenance oil and components are provided for FR370E-HD, which makes the maintenance cost lower;

· 5000 hours-long life hydraulic fluid.

Normal operating time of machine is extended and operating cost is reduced

·Allow to Monitor production and manage the efficiency of the working site.

Spacious and ergonomical designed cab with excellent vision makes the operator more comfortable to drive.

The cab is equipped with high-quality mechanical suspension seats, allows the driver to have a larger and more comfortable working environment.

 The cab meets the TOPS\FOPS standard, and equipts with a protective net device to make the quarry operation safer.

The special designed joystick provides precise control of the sensitivity, accuracy and smoothness during the operation. This control device is designed for machines that work under a variety of operating conditions.

In order to eliminate work fatigue and improve productivity, the noise rate in the cab is controlled at the lowest level.

The cab is mounted on an elastic base to fully absorb the vibration

The use of rubber flanges to support the pipe has a positive effect on noise reduction.

Intelligent control system allows one machines to adopt bucket, hammer, scarifier, rock arm and hydraulic shear

· The pin mounting point is located on the left side of the boom and ensure it can be found once it is loose;

· The platform adopts full protective anticollision beam to provide more protection for the revolving platform and cab.

· Rearview camera is optional f to improve safety of operation;

· The design of platform is optimized to provide a better view for the driver;

· The front windshield can be partially or fully retracted to the roof.

· Enhanced air conditioning system improves cooling performance;

· Sun-proof safety window is standard configuration.

Simplified daily inspection and longer maintenance period.

The maintenance points are centrally distributed for easy overhauling and daily maintenance. The remote lubrication points distributed centrally on the boom can transport the grease to hard-to-reach locations.

All walking areas of the platform are covered with anti-skid materials to ensure the safety and convenience of maintenance. Lubrication of the rotary ring gear, battery, all filter elements and centralized lubrication points can be maintained from the ground, enabling quick and easy daily maintenance and inspection.

With longer service cycle and maintenance cycle, the utilization rate of the machine is increased while operating cost is greatly reduced.

Intercooler mounted separately on a solid structure, detachable design make it easy to clear the layers.

Large capacity air filters cab remove more than 99% of suspended particulate matter, which can reducet he risk of engine pollution

And extend the cleaning and core replacement cycle

Glass fiber filter technology is adopted to improve the protection performance more effectively. More than 99.5% of particles can be filtered.

There is a large number of non-slip materials and bumps on the top of the machine to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel.

The centrifugal air prefilter can not only effectively reduce the possibility of large particles entering the engine, but also extend the service life of the main filter element, ensuring the efficient operation of the engine.

The hydraulic oil tank is equipped with an integrated hydraulic and temperature oil level meter to provide intuitive hydraulic oil and Oil temperature and liquid level display, improve work efficiency.








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