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Play to Win 

Sit up—roll off the throttle—squeeze the brakes—downshift—bend the legs—shift your weight—hang off the side—throttle out…

Ease into the seat of the CFMOTO 300SR 

Envision the track – every turn and every movement is in clear focus

The 300SR springs to life

Quick-revving power awakens my senses

Speed stirs my adrenalin

Power pulses through the engine and the frame, working with me as one

The track flows beneath me and obeys my every command

Power, passion, control and victory

You think it’s just a race

I think it’s the ultimate game.



Aggressive streamlined design

Elegant lightweight outline 

Muscular profile and aggressive stance illustrate its racing DNA

Speed and beauty drawn together



Designed by racers for racers, the track-based ergonomics of the 300SR include a lower handlebar and a more aggressive riding stance, awakening your sport-riding senses. 

The ergonomic design transitions nicely to street riding as well, allowing a comfortable position for everyday use. 


LED Lights

Light the night with a LED headlight, as sharp as eagle eyes for optimum visibility. All LED lighting offers clean aesthetics. 



The single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 292.4cc DOHC engine produces 29.1 PS at 8750rpm and 25.3 Nm at 7250rpm. Quick-revving power and strong torque provide the sporting performance you crave, with a remarkably smooth delivery that provides an exhilarating ride both on the track and on the street.



Precise fuel metering is handled by the BOSCH EFI. Electronic fuel injection ensures the fuel is fully atomized for optimum combustion and maximum fuel efficiency.


Manifold and Combustion 

The optimized engine manifold and combustion chamber of the CFMOTO 300SR improve intake efficiency for better fuel-air mixture. More thorough combustion helps boost power while also reducing fuel consumption.  


In the dual-overhead camshaft (DOHC) design of the 300SR engine, the cams directly drive the valve train, reducing the inertia of mechanical motion and allowing the engine to produce responsive, high-revving power. 


Dual-Coated Piston

Low-friction coating on the piston skirt improves efficiency by minimizing friction loss. Heat insulation coating on the piston head improves combustion efficiency, and further reduces fuel consumption. 


Cylinder Head

The cylinder head features noise-reduction technology to effectively reduce the vibration of the cam chain, resulting in less noise and greater efficiency from the engine.  


Built-in Balance Shaft

Designed with balance-shaft technology, the engine of the 300SR revs with smooth efficiency for less vibration and more comfort. 



Superior stopping power allows you to play hard and brake hard with the 300SR. Opposite four-piston caliper and 292mm disc brake on the front wheel and a single-piston floating caliper and 220mm disc on the rear are ready to take on daily riding as well as the rigors of the track. The floating caliper design ensures premium braking performance with more positive engagement and stable braking force. It also allows the 300SR to easily adapt to brake discs of different sizes. 


In the case of emergency braking, intelligent ABS reduces the possibility of locking up the wheels—one of the greatest risks to motorcycle riding—allowing for greater safety on the road.

TFT Display 

All-new colorful TFT display features two interfaces for ECO and SPORT riding modes, with screen brightness that auto-adjusts to ambient light. The full-color LCD instrument display offers integrated functions such as rpm, gear, speed and even phone connectivity.



Lightweight integrated frame design

37mm USD fork front suspension

Single-shock rear suspension

Lightweight hubs contribute to nimble handling

CST high-performance radial tires provide a confident grip on the road

Minimal unsprung weight provides quick acceleration and confident cornering, ideal for sport riding conditions. 



CNC Modification Kits


 Brake Lever & Clutch Lever Guard Kit


-Original factory made and perfectly fit for 300SR and 300SR;

-Protects the lever in the event of unintentional ground contact 

-No unintentional lever actuation in the event of contact with another rider /vehicle 


Clutch Lever & Brake Lever Kit


- Original factory made and easy to mount

- Tough anodized surface finish

- CNC-machined from high-strength aluminum 

- Adjustable grip width

- Suitable for 300SR/300SR


Footpegs Kit

- High-grade lightweight aluminum

- Premium quality, hardwearing anodized surface finish 

- Ensures greater comfort and safety 

- Suitable for 300SR/300SR


Fuel Tank Quick Lock


- Keyless and extremely quick. 

- Machined from high-grade aluminum with an anodized surface finish 

- Suitable for 300SR/300SR


Upper Connecting Board Screw Kit

- CNC-machined from high-grade aluminum


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