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Global engineering
Global engineering

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Global engineering

The six construction company is a handful of domestic petroleum, in only one ethylene a whole set of equipment, large LNG storage tank construction performance of the construction units, in the large oil refining, ethylene, petrochemical, marine terminals, LNG tank, pipeline station, class I boilers, oil and gas field ground construction, large lifting equipment, power station, finished 500 multinomial construction project, the construction of atmospheric-vacuum distillation, continuous reforming, catalytic cracking, hydrogenation refining, delayed coking, ketone-benzol dewaxing and refining device, is the home of the corresponding period or Asia's largest device; has the construction of 40000 tons / year, 60000 tons / year, 100000 tons / year, 130000 tons / year, 150000 tons / year of different specifications, technology of cracking furnace in all 20; completed in Zhongyuan Oilfield, Shengli oil field, Henan oil field, Changqing Oilfield, Dagang Oilfield, Kuwait 28 # oil gathering station in Sultan oilfield surface construction, with the advanced level in the oil and gas processing facilities; completed a total installed capacity of 100 MW, 120 MW, 110000 volts, power plant, transformer substation project; construction of oil ( gas ) library and more than 60 ( including oil and gas reservoir, the depot ), Shi The various types of metal oil tank thousands, tank capacity of about 5000000 m3.

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