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Infrared Heater
Infrared Heater
Infrared Heater
Infrared Heater

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1) 30-40% energy-saving 2) 5,000 hours guaranteed 3) health benefit and eco-freindly 4) CE/RoHS/Reach

Product name: Infrared Heater 

Model no: JL288 


Type: Infrared carbon fiber heater 


Certificate: CE / RoHS / REACH


Specification: 230v, 1000w--3000w

                       110v, 1000w--1600w




1. Long serivce life: the life of infrared carbon firber heater is longer than traditional heater’s. The infrared carbon firber heater has 3-4 years life(about 5000 hours)at least, but traditional heater has 1-2 years only.


2. Energy-saving: Thermal ifficiency is 98% and  save 30-40% energy than traditional heater


Test: putting a thermometer 1.5 meter away from heaters, the temperature rises from 12 to 20 centigrade, the traditional heater (with resistance wire heating tube) needs 17 minutes and 50 seconds , but  infrared carbon fiber heater (with carbon fiber heating lamp)only needs 9 minutes and 20 seconds.


3. Health and environmental protection

The carbon firber emits infrared ray of 8-14 micron which has health care function, so resonance forms between atom and molecule of cell inside human body and achieve aims such as renewing physical force,speeding blood circulation,promoting metabolism and improving immune function of human body.


4. Installation: Both upright and aclinic installation are available for infrared carbon fiber heater. The traditional heater only can be used with aclinic installation.


Coverage: For indoors  12-25 m²    , For Outer doors 12-18m²


Installation: wall, ceiling, portable stand, freestanding


Guaranteed: 5,000 hours


Packing: Each one in a carton

               carton size: 1050mm X  220mm X 150mm

               850pcs in one 20 feet container

               1800pcs in one 40 feet container

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