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Supplier Recommended by CCCME
Sichuan Dongfang Insulating Material Co., Ltd.
Recommended by CCCME

Sichuan EM Technology Co., Ltd. ( EMT ) is a professional global material manufacturer, committed to introducing safe and eco-friendly material solutions to create a better quality of life for society. 

EMT, headquartered in Mianyang, Sichuan, China, has comprehensive R&D and manufacturing capability. Producing electrical & electronic insulation films, optical films, electrical insulation materials, composite materials, flame retardant materials and special resins, ... we provide products and services to many industries. EMT has established long-term and stable partnerships, cooperating with partners in many countries and regions around the world whilst also providing strong relationships in manufacturing services to Original Equipment Manufacturers ( OEMs ).

A key subsidiary of EMT is Sichuan Dongfang Insulating Material Co., Ltd. who provides materials and services on a global scale.

Why us

-Long and proud history since set up in 1966 

-Wide   global sales network   

-8 production   locations in China 

-Deep and full understanding of the industry

-Good reputation, recognized by many well-known enterprises

-We grow along with our partners     

Our production lines and manufacturing capabilities

-Polyester films

-Capacitor polypropylene films

-Flame retardant polypropylene ( PP ) & polycarbonate ( PC ) films / sheets

-Flexible laminates and mica tapes for electrical insulations

-Thermosetting composites 

-Coating products

-Moulding compounds 

-Flame retardant polyester chips & special grades

-Impregnating varnishes and wire enamels

-Polyvinyl butyral ( PVB ) resins & films

-Special resins ( esp. for copper clad laminates )


Technical, System Support & Capabilities

-Fabrication center. We customize as per clients' drawing

-Management systems: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO5001…

-Certifications: RoHS, REACH, UL

-Design, Development & Prototyping

-Highly equipped and technical Test Center equipped with over 100 types of testing equipments …

Products applied in

-Electrical appliance

-Power generating equipment

-UHV power transmission and distribution

-Smart grid

-Storage and transport

-Rail transit

-Consumer electronic

-Panel display

-Security and protection


-Technical textile and industrial fabric


Various electrical insulation materials: Flexible laminates, rigid laminated & moulded products and fabricated parts, mica tapes, adhesive tapes
Flexible Laminates

Flexible Laminates

Rigid Laminates

Rigid Laminates

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes

Flexible Laminates

Flexible Laminates

Rigid Laminates

Rigid Laminates

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes

188 Sanxing Road, Mianyang, Sichuan, China
Manufacturer,Scientific Researcher
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